Intoxicated Driver Program  

About the Program:

The Intoxicated Driver Program, or IDP, is a statutory program (HFS 62) focused on assisting individuals charged with a DUI or an OWI to retrieve their driver’s license.  An IDP assessment is geared to identify whether the recipient of an OWI has made a bad decision, or whether there is a potential chemical dependency issue.  Based on the findings of the assessment, an individual is ordered either to alcohol/drug education or for further assessment and treatment.  After you have been charged with a DUI or OWI, the court will issue an “Order for Assessment” (MV 3632). It’s recommended to schedule an IDP assessment after conviction but you may schedule the assessment prior to being convicted.  Assessments must be completed in the county in which you reside. 


What Happens After the Assessment?

A Driver Safety Plan is developed at the end of the assessment.  This is a program designed to prevent future alcohol or drug related problems.  A Driver Safety Plan is a program based on your individual needs, based on the outcome of the assessment. It may involve an educational program, counseling, treatment services, or a combination of both for up to 1 year.



  • You have 72 hours post-conviction to make an appointment for an assessment, or you will be found non-compliant.
  • You must have an assessment completed 14 days post-conviction.  If no appointments are available in this time, you will be given a 20-day extension.
  • You have one year to complete the Driver Safety Plan.  You may request a 4 month extension if more time is needed to complete the services.  If no request is submitted or the Plan is not completed, the Driver Safety Plan is voided, you are found non -compliant, and you will need to start again.



  • IDP Assessment $300.00 – Payable via cash or money order, before an appointment can be scheduled
  • Amendment Fee $50.00
  • Failed Assessment Appointment: $300.00
  • Failed Follow-Up Appointment: $25.00



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Lafayette County Human Services, 627 Main Street, PO Box 130,

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