Community Support Program

The Lafayette County Human Services Community Support Program (CSP) assists people who have a severe and persistent mental illness. This group of people suffers from a chronic and persistent mental illness that requires intensive case management services concerning several different aspects of their lives. To qualify for CSP services, certain admission criteria must be met. The first and primary criterion is to be diagnosed with a major mental illness such as Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, Bipolar Disorder or Major Depression. It is also likely that a person would meet the criteria for admission to the CSP program if they have had a history of hospitalizations and have impairments in areas of life functioning. This assistance needed would be provided by the client’s  case manager, and enables him/her to live in the community and reach the highest level of quality of life possible.  As a result, this enhanced “quality of life” prevents or inhibits hospitalizations,  mental health decompensations, and decreases the risk of harm either to oneself or others, while encouraging self fulfillment through gainful employment and community involvement.


How Treatment is Provided:

The CSP program works with each individual to provide comprehensive services. Upon referral to the CSP program, the individual is interviewed by the Psychiatrist to specifically review the nature of the diagnosed mental illness, the medications that the individual is taking, their side effects, and how the person can be as comfortable as possible on the medication regime. The assigned case manager will work with the individual to define a treatment plan. The individual plan will identify areas to help the person learn about mental illness, take care of oneself, and pursue life goals.


What CSP Treatment Includes *:

  • Medication and symptom management by a psychiatrist
  • Assistance with housing, finance, daily living activities, employment and health care
  • Support to increase social activities and participate in community activities
  • Education about mental illness and its treatment for the individual, the individual’s family, and friends
  • Counseling
  • Medication monitoring
  • Daily medication drops
  • Symptom management; Symptom education
  • Budgeting
  • Meal planning, shopping (food clothing, personal items)
  • Household task assistance
  • Personal hygiene assistance
  • AODA issues
  • Mental Health issues
  • Medical Concerns
  • Weight management; Assisting in development of exercise program
  • * This is not an all inclusive list, but highlights many of the main issues that a CSP case manager deals with on a day to day basis. The majority of these services are reimbursable by Medical Assistance. A person does not need medical assistance to receive CSP services.

Community Support Program Staff:
Dr. H. W. Fischer, Psychiatrist;

Sarah Lipska, LPC, CSP Program Director

Monica Miling, LMFT, CSP Clinical Coordinator & Case Manager;

Cassidy Kegley, BS, CSP Case Manager;


Click here for a printable CSP Brochure.

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