Mental Health Services

Behavioral Health Services

The primary focus of this program is to meet the needs of those consumers who do not fall within the category of existing mental health and/or AODA programs offered within the county system. There are indeterminate numbers of consumers who may need this service and may reach Lafayette County Human Services personnel by way of “drop-ins” to the Human Services Clinic office, by telephone, or by computer email. The primary focus of this program is mental illness and phase of life issues. Consumers may meet with a Master’s level therapist for a mental health assessment, referral and resource coordination. Therapists work with the consumer and the consumer’s family to develop an individualized treatment plan that will be developed to treat that person’s mental health concerns and issues. 


The Mental Health Program also coordinates consumer care when a person has been emergency detained due to a mental health crisis. It may be in the best interest of the consumer to pursue a mental health commitment to ensure that treatment will be followed in order to protect the consumer or the community. The Mental Health Program coordinates treatment for consumers who are court ordered or on a deferred prosecution agreement. Clinical and AODA assessments are conducted
and appropriate treatment recommended. Psychiatric evaluations are conducted by Dr. Michael Kaplan along with
medication monitoring.


Alcohol and Drug Services

The goal of Lafayette County Human Services Alcohol and Drug program is to increase resiliency focused, trauma informed, recovery oriented options that are available within the county system for prevention, intervention/treatment to children, adults, families, including active and potential clients and their communities. As such, the AODA program provides assessments, individual, family and group counseling for those affected by drug and alcohol issues. There are specific groups for men and women’s treatment issues for county residents.


Specific AODA services include:

  • AODA assessment
  • IDP assessment (Intoxicated Driver Program)
  • Emergency Service Coordination
  • Inpatient Treatment Referral and Coordination
  • Individual Counseling
  • Educational Counseling
  • AODA Case Management
  • Group Counseling
  • Institutional AA Meetings
  • Women’s AODA Counseling (Education/Treatment)
  • Institutional NA Meetings
  • Detoxification referral and case management  




Dr. H. William Fischer, Psychiatrist; Christine Dressler, APNP; Sarah Lipska, LPC, Behavioral Health Supervisor;

Heidi Byrnes, MA, CAPSW, Mental Health Therapist; Courtney Reinwand, LMFT, Mental Health Therapist;    

Danielle Lissner, SAC, AODA Counselor



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Click here for a printable SW Wisconsin AA Brochure.


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