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Staff Roster


Management Team:                                                                     

Shane Schuhmacher, Director

Margaret Sutter, Financial Manager

Melissa Hill, Family Services Manager

Sarah Lipska, Behavioral Health Manager

Robert Schroeder, ADRC/Aging Manager

Marjean Sutherland, Economic Support Manager

H. William Fisher, MD, Medical Director

Kristine Brunkow, Executive Secretary


Behavioral Health Services:                                                        

Sarah Lipska, LPC, Behavioral Health Manager, Therapist

Heidi Byrnes, MA, CAPSW, Therapist
Courtney Reinwand, MS, MFT, Therapist
Danielle Lissner, AODA Counselor

Monica Miling, LMFT, Mental Health Coordinator, CSP

Cassidy Kegley,  Mental Health Coordinator, CSP

Alyssa Leeser, Mental Health Coordinator, CCS

Stephani Rickard, Mental Health Coordinator, CCS

Nicole Kaiser, BS, Crisis Coordinator

H. William Fischer, MD, Psychiatrist


Family Services:                                                                           

Melissa Hill, CSW, Family Services Manager

Amy Horsley, Access Worker

Paige Jacobson, Child and Family Case Worker

Amy Doeppke, CSW, CAN Investigator

Megan Brogley, Juvenile Delinquent Case Worker

Christa Cook, CSW, Foster Care Coordinator

Ashlee Glowacki, CST Coordinator


Robert Schroeder, ADRC/Aging Manager

Jessica Runde, APS Coordinator

Dana Harcus, CSW, I & A Specialist

Ashley Gossens, I & A Specialist

Kay Schulte, CSW, Elder Benefit Specialist

Ann Reuter, Disability Benefit Specialist

Nancy Fink, Home Chore

Bobby Long, ADRC Bus Driver


Economic Support Services                                                         

Marjean Sutherland, Economic Support Services Manager

Crissy Black, Economic Support Specialist

Missy Zasada, Economic Support Specialist

Lynnette Boatman, Economic Support Specialist

Susan Elgin, Economic Support Specialist


Birth to 3 / Children’s Long Term Support                               

Tammy Griffiths, CSW, B-3/CLTS Case Manager


Support Services                                                                           

Margaret Sutter, Financial Manager

Lori Leahy, Account Clerk

Tammy Richards, Secretary

Amy Thomas, Secretary

Cynthia Voegeli, Support Staff (contract)


LCHS County Supervisors                                                          

Leon Wolfe, Board Chairman

Gerald Heimann

John Perkins

Tony Ruesga

Connie Hull

Sherry Crist

Richard Roelli


Commission on Aging Advisory Committee                              

Carol Corn, Board Chairman
Larry Ludlum 

John Perkins

Mary Jo Finkenbinder

Dave Weiskircher
Peggy Soehnlein
Peggy Steger

Lafayette County Human Services,

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PO Box 130

Darlington, WI 53530

Phone: 608-776-4800   ---   Fax: 608-776-4914


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